Message from the CEO

With the economy experiencing a low-growth recovery, we, at Emistar, realize more than ever before the importance of meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations when providing real estate advisory investment and asset management services.

Our clients look to us for advice and execution on everything from asset sales, valuations and financing to asset management, operator selection and acquisition services in order to maximize the value of real estate as an asset class.

Whether it is a hotel, an office building or a development forward purchase plan, we take pride in performing a high level of diligence so that our clients will consummate a smooth transaction. And because Emistar is privately held and has access to a prime network of relationships, we have the ability to secure first-class assets on a discretionary basis allowing us to obtain exclusivity for our investors and premium prices for the owners we work with.

Strategic real estate planning paired with innovative thinking are critical elements of our mission to continue to grow as a successful real estate advisory investment firm. But the underlying theme guiding us through it all will always be excellence and service. Therefore every plan we make, every action we implement, is driven by our desire for excellence with the objective to serve our clients, uncompromisingly.

Antoine Augier, President & CEO

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